After a period of time, Halloween is the most popular in young people is coming. Ghost-themed festival, is famous for its unique pumpkin lights and terror dress in the world. All kinds of fun and exciting games have become one of the best ways people relax and are in the carnival. This time, I said to you the traditional Halloween in Britain Recommended reason: The United Kingdom is the origin of Halloween. In the fifth century, BC, Celtic who was living in Ireland was as October 31 the end of the summer, a symbol of the end of the year. Celtic was afraid to become the target of ghost, so went out fire at home, put on the monstrous mask, and dressed as ghosts look like with the street parade, to chase away those souls and wild ghosts. Gradually, these traditional practices evolved into a celebration of today’re young
People, we enjoy disguising themselves, acted on this night, had a very happy holiday.
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Halloween is a traditional festival in the UK. Every place has its own unique activities. During the mid to late October of each year, the streets of London are full of supernatural atmosphere. During the Halloween, people restore a lot of torture scene in the Tower of London, in the bloody tower, as if feel the many ghost shadows. Seone is the largest nightclub in London. It’s Halloween dance carnival all night in the evening of October 31.
Yorkshire is Britain’s famous ghost County. Visitors can go to the south of Sheffield to see Halloween lively scene here. On that day of Halloween Day every year, the streets of the city center will be blocked, and are used as holding frightnight. The scale is most large in all England Halloween celebration, each year more than 4 million people have participated, participants show with ghosts and goblins dreadful style, and go to the streets to scare people together. On the day also provides for visitors many activities to participate: Nightmare on Elm Street head theater, rides, monkey fashion show, supernatural guided tours, the band performed to panic small food stalls… whether you are bold and timid, might come to see this.